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Małgorzata Krasna-Korycińska - Viking and Slavic Cuisine. Recipes Included

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Szczecin 2011

The development of reconstruction movement has caused the fact that all spheres of Viking Age everyday life have being reconstructed for several dozen years now. All the gathered people not only try to look like our ancestors from thousands of years, but also to behave in different fields of life in a way similar to the reality of that time. One of the most important everyday living activities was (and still is) eating, as well as, winning, processing, preserving, and serving food. This guidebook was created to facilitate reconstruction of this domain and to help with improving the activities already taken up.


Archaeologist and museologist.  A graduate and a doctoral student at the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University of Warsaw; an assistant in the National Museum of Archaeology in Warsaw; a member of the Stowarzyszenie Naukowe Archeologów Polskich (Scientific Association of Polish Archaeologists).

For over 12 years, she has been occupied with the experimental archaeology.

Initially, this was connected only with herbalism and plant chemistry in the prehistory and the Middle Ages; but over time, her additional specialization has become weaving and reconstruction of clothes.

In 2002, as the result of cooperation with „Wiedza i Życie” magazine, she became interested in issues connected with food in the Early Middle Ages in the area of western Slav lands. This interest bore fruit in a form of the first article on this topic:  „Wokół piastowskiego stołu, czyli kulinaria w czasach Bolesława Chrobrego” (“Around the Piast Table, that is Cuisine of Boleslaw Chrobry Times”). Development of this topic, as well as, its completion are numerous presentations, lectures, and popular science shows, as well as, organization and coordination of thematic international events (Slavic Heritage Days).  The active participation in the reconstruction movement has enabled her to conduct experiments and shows during the biggest historical festivals; among others, in Wolin, Grzybów, Moesgard, Borre and Kernave.

  • Igor D. Górewicz - Poznaj Słowian
  • Swords of Europe - Cut, chop and thrust. Igor D. Górewicz & Phil Burthem (Miecze Europy)
  • MIECZE EUROPY - promo wystawy
  • Igor Górewicz o "Miecze Europy". Muzeum Kołobrzeg
  • Igor Górewicz o książce "Borek i Bogowie Słowian"
  • Słowiańskie Pomorze - Drużyna Grodu Trzygłowa, Noc Kupały, Szczecin 2010, cz.1
  • Słowiańskie Pomorze - Drużyna Grodu Trzygłowa, Noc Kupały, Szczecin 2010, cz.2
  • Bitwa Słowian i Wikingów na Wolinie
  • Igor i Czcibor Górewicz, Galaktyka Pomerania (20.06.2014)
  • Noc Kupały 2011: Igor Górewicz dla
  • 21st Century Viking Stories. Part 4


Wydawnictwo Triglav powstało w 2007 roku jako kolejny projekt firmy Trzygłów – Pokazy Historyczne Igor D. Górewicz, która od ponad dekady zajmuje się popularyzacją historii. Wśród wykorzystywanego w tej działalności instrumentarium obok pokazów, prezentacji i wystaw, poczesne miejsce zajmowały też popularne i popularnonaukowe artykuły publikowane na łamach wielu czasopism.


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